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Bed Bug Elimination

A female bed bug will lay between 5 and 12 eggs per day!

Bed bugs are a rapidly growing problem in the D.C. metro area. This surprisingly mobile bug has spread to homes, hotels, office complexes and just about any other spot where it can get a free meal off of a human host.

A female bed bug will lay between 5 and 12 eggs per day. Given the rapid breeding ability and the highly mobile nature of these little pests it is important to be very careful not to invite them into your home or office space. Stay informed! If you do have a current problem, call us for a free quote 703-435-5677.

How to identify a potential Bed Bug infestation:

I am getting "bites" that can become inflamed, turn red and cause itchy irritation.

        Bed bugs have highly evolved mouth or sucking parts that allow them to suck blood meals from the host. When attaching itself to the skin the bug secretes a numbing chemical to mask its presence. A reaction to this chemical is what can cause the swelling and itching normally associated with the "bites".

My mattress has "black spots" on it.

           A mattress with a bed bug infestation tends to look "blotchy" in places with small or larger black spots. After a bed bug has metabolized its blood meal its excrement will be a blackish liquid that will stain the mattress, box spring and any other fabrics or soft woods.

My walls and ceiling are getting "black spots" especially in the corners.

         It is not known fully why bed bugs in a serious infestation will begin to climb the walls and nest in the upper corners of the room but has been hypothesized that females will seek those spots if there are too many mating male bugs. The "black spots" are their excrement staining the paint of the room.