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Don't let your home be damaged by Subterranean Termites! 

Let us help you protect your largest investment and back it up with the industry's most honest warranty.

termitesRecon offers all of the latest options in termite protection to keep you from unwanted damage.

There are a number of ways to approach termite control in your home. Northern Virginia is a "high risk" area for one of the nations most feared pests. Whatever option you choose for your home, Recon's expert service gives you the peace of mind to know that your largest investment is safe and sound.

Treatment Options:

Liquid Injection:

The Liquid injection treatment is a full subterranean treatment of your home. Our Five Star Technicians rod the products down into the soil around the foundation of the home where it will be the most effective in protecting your home.

Recon only uses the very best products in keeping your home safe from wood-destroying termites. Termidor is the best product on the market for eliminating existing termite colonies living in your home and protecting your home from future infestation.

Baiting Stations:

The Advance baiting system leads the market in coverage and termite baiting technology. 

Known also as the "greenest" and most environmentally friendly option for termite treatment you can expect to get maximum efficiency with minimum impact. After the Advance stations are installed around the perimeter of your home we will check them on a seasonal basis for termite activity and bait accordingly. This system works best with preventive measures on a home as active infestations are best treated with the liquid injection treatment.

Halo Monitoring Stations:

The Halo Monitoring solution is a great way to know if there is termite activity near your home. The station works on an electric circuit making it hassle free to maintain. The station is monitored on a seasonal basis and is by far the industry's most trusted termite monitor. This station is inexpensive and will give you the early warning and peace of mind that every homeowner needs.